Project Delft 3D

a time-converted subset of a 3D PSDM volume covering the city of Delft in The Netherlands

With the Netherlands push towards renewable energy, the Delft 3D (acquired in 1985) has taken on new life being used in the search for geothermal energy.

The target zone is Lower Cretaceous (Valanginian) fluvial sandstone formation.

Animations through the Project delft 3D

Time Slice Animation


Time slice animation through the upper section of the Project Delft (Netherlands) 3D. The timeslice is on the right.

An inline is shown on the left to put the timeslice into perspective. Note that the black lines on the displays marks the location of the tie position.


This line is available for download as part of our training library.

Download the Project Delft 3D

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