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StratiScape, the software behind HVRI, is the technology exploration has needed for 50 years. It produces clearer subsurface images from your existing seismic. It lets you de-risk your current prospects and find new prospects in old areas. Get more from your seismic today from a company that cares about the future.


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The August 2023 edition of The Leading Edge features a special focus on Visualization in Geophysics. The cover image was taken from our feature article – Steven Lynch, (2023), “High visual resolution interpretation: The case for virtual seismic reality,” The Leading Edge 42: 541–549. https://doi.org/10.1190/tle42080541.1

From the abstract – “The twin fields of virtual and augmented reality have revolutionized the gaming and entertainment industries; however, they have had almost no impact on the field of scientific visualization. This is especially true in oil and gas exploration where we continue to visualize seismic data using low visual resolution displays developed in the 1960s and 1970s…

Breaking News

High Visual Resolution Interpretation
is Coming to Petrel

FIrst Quarter 2024

Seismic  Interpretation is about to get an overhaul

  • Import / export seismic to and from Petrel
  • Import / export horizons to and from Petrel
  • Synchronized interpretation between StratiScape windows and Petrel interpretation windows
  • Use StratiScape’s advanced version and attribute morphing on Petrel attributes and vintages

Stay tuned for updates!

seismic displays are filters!

Every seismic section you’ve looked at was heavily filtered by the display even if you did not realize it.

Think about this … 

Wiggle trace displays filter out negative polarity events, most amplitude information and fine scale details.

Variable density displays show major events and give a better sense of amplitude but at the expense of character and fine details.

Greyscale displays give a sense of fine scale details but ghost weak events, smear amplitudes and obliterate character.

They are all visual filters. And as long as you’ve been working with seismic, you’ve been applying them whether you recognized it or not.

So, what happens when you take the filters away?


seismic comes to life

using 21st century graphics technology …

  • Amplitudes take on a whole new dimension.
  • Events appear almost out of nowhere.
  • Character changes along events become meaningful.
  • Faults and fine scale details become more distinct.

And you can have all this critically important information today, using the data you have now (no reprocessing required). StratiScape displays are not an attribute but a new way of looking at seismic. Start looking today.

This Could Be Your Seismic

“There are geohazards and prospects in the subsurface that you can’t image with your seismic. But there are even more geohazards and prospects hidden in your seismic that you can’t see using conventional seismic displays?



  • Uses 21st century technologies
  • Requires no reprocessing!
  • Makes legacy seismic valuable
  • Works with 2D and 3D seismic
  • Plugins to major programs

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Bring your seismic to life and discover seismic’s ultimate potential.

We needed StratiScape and HVRI 50 years ago but the technologies behind them were not even on the radar back then. Today, they are on everyone’s desk. It is time we used them. 

Using 21st century visualization technology, StratiScape reveals every hidden seismic detail, helping you to de-risk your existing projects and find new prospects in mature areas.

Talk to us before you drill your next well, present your next project or abandon an area as not prospective. Because exploration success is always in the details, we will help you see important details you have missed. 

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