About us

based in calgary, ab, canada, S.V.T. was founded to bring seismic visualization into the 21st century.

SVT has developed cutting edge visualization technologies that elevate seismic to a new level.

Our deep theoretical knowledge of the visual system, coupled with our decades of experience working with all aspects of seismic, have led to breakthrough technologies that will change the face of exploration forever.

The Challenge

We believe that the world is facing the two greatest technological challenges in its history.

The first is “how do we replace oil as the primary fuel for transportation?”

The second is: “how do we find enough oil to keep the global economy working while we do?”

The Problem

Conventional oil production plateaued in 2004. If we are to meet continuing and expanding demand we must breakthrough the bottleneck that is holding us back.

To breakthrough that bottleneck we must have more and better information about the subsurface. 

But where will that information come from? 

Our Contribution

We believe that the subsurface information we need, to drill more prospects with a higher success rate, already exists in the seismic we have now.

We can’t solve the problem of chronic underfunding of exploration. But we can and will answer the question of “where will that information come from?”

It will come from the seismic you have now!


Dr. Steven Lynch P.Geo

Principal Investigator and Founder

StratiScape Visualization Technology (originally The Visual Wavefield Project) was founded by Dr. Steven Lynch, a Registered Professional Geophysicist in the Province of Alberta. Steve spent the early part of his career in seismic processing, managing several Calgary based processing centers. He then migrated into research and development designing software for such varied fields as refraction analysis, structural and stratigraphic modeling and migration.

In the early 2000’s he began to suspect that our continuing use of, what were by then, archaic visualization technologies might be filtering out massive amounts of much needed subsurface information. Knowing little about visualization, he returned to the University of Calgary to study it, eventually receiving his PhD in Seismic Visualization in 2008.

Recognizing the need for change, he formed the self-funded “Visual Wavefield Project”.  The Project was a vehicle both for developing the needed visualization technology and for completing the research necessary to prove that seismic is far more capable than currently believed. Now, with both goals accomplished, he has rebranded The Project as StratiScape Visualization Technology to mark the transition from research and development to industry practice.

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We are located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada and are on Mountain Standard Time.