hardware requirements

StratiScape™ is a windows 11  program that interfaces Directly with Petrel

StratiScape makes extensive use of the graphic card both for graphics (DirectX) and also for parallel programming using NVidia’s CUDA architecture.

  • It requires an NVidia graphic card
  • It will run on both GeForce and Quadro cards
  • GeForce cards have a superior price/performance ratio
  • We support GeForce cards from the GTX 1000 series to the RTX 4000 series.

StratiScape Download

StratiScape will reveal details in your seismic that you never suspected were there. Those hidden details will de-risk your existing drilling prospects and may reveal new prospects in abandoned areas.

We believe that this is so important that we must make StratiScape available to as many explorationists as possible … as easily as possible.

This is all you need do to start exploring the future of seismic.

  1. Download and install StratiScape
  2. Install our non-commercial license 
  3. Watch our intro training videos
  4. Download and import our example projects

Get started today because the seismic you have is better than you think!

StratiScape version 24.01.0 is now available for download.

Download StratiScape Version 24.01.0

License Management

We have two types of licenses for StratiScape:

  1. Educational license.
    • Has all the capabilities of our commercial license 
    • Cannot import your own data
    • Only works with our example projects
    • No time restrictions
  2. Commercial license
    • Subscription based
    • Monthly & yearly pricing
    • Free updates
    • Import data from segy
    • Import horizon information in Charisma or SeisWare formats

License Installation

After you have extracted the download zip file, you will find our non-commercial license file in the extraction folder along with the StratiScape installation file. If you do not already have a commercial license file then you must install our non-commercial one before you can use StratiScape.

To install it:

  • Open StratiScape and navigate to the “License” tab.
  • Click the “Install License” button and select the license file you want to use.
  • After installing the license, fill in the Registration Information.
  • After selecting OK, a registration token will be emailed to the email address provided.
  • Copy the token information from the email .
  • Click the “Install Registration” button and paste the token into the window’

Contact Us

We are located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada and are on Mountain Standard Time.